Map of Jeju Island

Click to Download Official Jeju Tour Map in PDF File


2-Day 1-Night Stay in Jeju

a) Hyupjae Beach & Sanbangsan / Jungmun & Seogwipo 

b) Udo & Seogwipo / Jungmun & Sanbangsan

 c) Udo & Sungsan-IIchulbong / Seogwipo & Jungmun

d)  Jungmun & Seogwipo / Sanbangsan & Gwakji 

 e) Biyangdo & Hyupjae / Sanbangsan & Seogwipo  

f) Halla Mountain Area / Seogwipo & Jungmun

3-Day 2-Night Stay in Jeju

a) Udo & Seogwipo / Jungmun & Sanbangsan / Hyupjae & Shinjeju 

b) Seogwipo -> Jungmun / Halla Mountain & Jeju City / Hamdeok

c) Halla Mountain & Seogwipo City / Jungmun & Sanbangsan / Hyupjae & Jeju City

d) Udo & Seogwipo / Halla Mountain & Jeju City / Gwakji & Iho 


  1. Hi..

    Thanks for this very informative blog!
    I will be going to Jeju with my family in May. My dad is in his late 60s and cannot walk for too far. Could you advise which of the attractions that you have suggested are elderly friendly?



    1. Eco-land, U-do, Stone Park are relatively elderly friendly, yet most of the attractions are not quite so 😦 For beaches, Gwakji, Pyoseon, Woljeong will be easy to access. Leave replies for more info. Thx!


    1. Sorry. I am looking for the local bus guide to go to a few places.
      1. Hallasan. Eorimok trail and leave from yeongsil trail. Which bus no should I take and is this is the maps I downloaded? Thank you


      1. Me too. Im looking for a public transportation way going and leaving from the place. Or which place I can I visit on the way of Hallasan. If there’s anything please someone help. Would really appreciate it.


      2. Take 31 or 502 from the bus terminal. Get off at JedaeMaeul-JejuUnivVillage(제대마을), cross the road, and transfer to 77 at the opposite stop. 77 will take you to Gwaneumsa, the last stop. Hope it helped


  2. If I have only 1 day (in Oct) to tour Jeju, which tour should I consider? East Course or West Course? Am thinking of a non-strenuous tour. Thank you.


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