Jeju Intercity Bus Routes



101  Jeju Airport->Bus Terminal->Donggwangyang->Jocheon-ri Office->Hamdeok Beach->Gimnyeong Elementary->Sehwa-ri->Goseong-ri->Sinsan-ri->Pyoseon-ri Jeju Bank->Namwon-eup Office->Wimi-ri->Biseok street->Seogwipo registration office->Seogwipo Bus Terminal

102  Bus Terminal->Jeju Airport->Jeju five-day interval folk market->Hagwi Hanaromart->Aewol-ri->Hanrim-ri->Hangyeong-myeon office->Gosan 1-ri->Mureung-ri->Daejeong-eup office->Andeok Nonghyup->Jungmun post office->Seogwipo Bus Terminal


810-1 (Clockwise) Daecheon Transfer Center-Guh seun sae mi Oreum-Abu Oreum-Songdang-ri-Darangshi Oreum Southern Area-Yongnoonyi Oreum-Rail Bike Jeju-Darangshi Oreum North Area-Bijarim Forest-Maze Land-Doonji Oreum-Deokcheon-ri Village-Eu Dae Oreum-Hanwool Land-Dongbaek Wetland-Albam Oreum-Daheeyun(Tea Farm)-Sun in Village-The Fairy and the woodcutter Land-Sunheul 2ri Village-World Natural Heritage Center&Guh moon Oreum-Daecheon Transfer Center

810-2 (Couterclockwise of 810-1)

820-1 Dongwang Transfer Center-Hellokitty Island-World Automobile Jeju Museum-Seogwangdong-ri Village-Lilliput Theme Park-Seogwangseori Village-Norimae-Goo euk ri Village-Sinpyeong-ri Village-Sanyang Gotjawal-Jeju Peace Museum-Chungsoo Village-Jeoji Oreum-Jeoji Artist Village-Spirited Garden-Gotjawal Hwansang Forest-Jeju Glass Castle-O’sulloc Tea Museum-Jeju Aeronautics Museum Hotel-Jeju Aeronautics Museum-Jeju Mythology Park-Dongwang Transfer Center

820-2 (Couterclockwise of 820-1)

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    1. Hi upried:) Well there are buses 1-10, and 100-140, yet there’s a high chance that you might take wrong bus. Taxi fare’s quite affordable, therefore I recommend taking cabs at least in the city. Enjoy your trip!


  1. Hi, I would like to go from Seogwipo to Hallasan for Yeongsil trail. May I know where to take the bus at Seogwipo city to the destination? Thank you!


  2. Hello~ Would like to know how long will it take to travel from one station to another station if I am taking the bus from Samyang –> Gimnyeong –> Manjanggul cave–> Seongsan Ichulbong entrance? and may I know the bus fare as well? Thank you ! 🙂


  3. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for the map!
    Could you tell me about timetables or where to find them?
    I will stay near Hallim Park but I’ll have to go to Jeju City for 8 in the morning. Is there a bus running?
    Thanks a lot


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