Map of Natural Landscapes

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Famous Beaches- Gimnyeong 김녕 Gwakji 곽지 Hamdeok 함덕 Hyupjae 협재 Jungmun 중문 Pyoseon 표선 Samyang 삼양 Woljeong 월정

Local Beaches- Iho 이호 Hwasun 화순 Sehwa 세화 Woljeong 월정 

Recommended- Gwakji 곽지 Hwasun 화순 Jungmun중문 Pyoseon표선 UdoSanho 우도산호

Beaches on the Udo Island- UdoSanho Gummulrae (우도산호, 검멀레)



Bijarim Forest 비자림

Halla Eco Forest 한라생태숲

Halla Arboretum 한라수목원

Manjanggul Cave 만장굴

Sungsan-Ilchulbong 성산일출봉


Mountains and Hills

Halla Mountain 한라산

Sanbangsan Mt. Area 산방산


Sightseeing Places

Sung-Eup Folk Ville 성읍민속마을

Saryeoni Forest Trail 사려니숲길

Jeju Stone Park 제주돌문화공원

Kimnyoung Maze Park 김녕미로공원

O’sulloc Tea Farm & Museum 오설록

Ecoland 에코랜드



Jeongbang Falls 정방폭포

Cheonjiyeon Falls 천지연폭포

Cheonjeyeon Falls 천제연폭포

Donnaeko Wonang Falls 돈내코원앙폭포

Eongtto Falls 엉또폭포



Udo 우도

Marado 마라도

Biyangdo 비양도


  1. Why does the Jeju Internatal Airport not open for 24 hours?
    I am now a passenger waiting outside the doors of the airport at mid night (nearly 01:00, 2016-10-25). I am preparing to leave jeju on a plane which will get off the airport at 07:25. So l have prepared to stay overnight inside the airport for not having to get up very early in my hostel. I was surprised that an international airport is not 24 hours opened! Why ???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry to hear that you’re waiting for the plane inside 😦 Bcuz of the noise, I guess. Jeju Airport is too close to many neighborhoods, therefore planes cannot fly during 10-6. Hope you’re not too frustrated!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. According to a staff of the airport telling me the info that the airport closes at 23:00 and re-opens at 04:30, I think the airport authority should consider to open the airport 24 hours per day to let the passengers getting inside; eventhough there is a period that no planes are allowed to use the airport. It is because for the convenience of passengers of the early planes. Also, the conditions outside the airport can be very worse. Eg : temperature can be low, it is windy and raining etc.


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