One of the most famous lava caves in the world, Manjanggul Lava Tube(만장굴-萬丈窟-10km-Long Cave) is a favorite tourist destination and also a UNESCO world heritage site. Manjanggul Cave was formed when the lava spouted from the peak and flowed to the surface. Manjanggul has a variety of interesting structures inside including 70cm long lava stalagmites and the lava tube tunnel itself. Lava stone titled ‘The Stone Turtle’ will catch your eye, as the stone resembles the Island of Jeju it is placed in.The stone pillars and stalactites and unique topographical features of the cave are also notable. Manjanggul maintains temperature between 11~21℃, making it a great site to visit in hot summer seasons. Unfortunately, only 1km of the 13.422km-long Manjanggul Cave is open for tourists to preserve the cave. [Explanation Courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization]

Building of the Manjanggul Lava Tube Exhibition Hall near the entrance
Road to the Manjanggul
Stone near the Manjanggul
Photo of the Ticket Office
Tells what you should remember before you enter-though nobody reads it
Stairs to the Cave
Brief Explanation of the Manjanggul Cave
More stairs to the cave
What awaits tourists deep inside the cave?
Large space open for sightseeing
Image of the lava flowstone
Wall of the cave
Lava shaped like toes
After passing the bridge, what lies ahead?
Dimly-lighted narrow bridge to the end
Lava column at the end of the lava cave
lava Column at the end of the lava cave-2
manjanggul flickr
Image Courtesy of Flickr
Going back to the outside world
Interestingly shaped stone awaited me
Stone shaped like a Jeju Island
manjanggul KTO
Image Courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization
Path to the outside seemed a bit different
Just before going out of the cave

Manjanggul is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Jeju Island, therefore I did not explain the cave in details. Just google Manjanggul, and all the information comes to you easily. Already well-known to locals and tourists, you may be a bit disappointed if you expect too much. Visit here in hot summer seasons, and the Manjanggul will be a great shelter to stay away from the glowing sun.

Written by Allaboutjeju aims to provide information for the people traveling to Jeju Island of Korea, especially backpackers. Traveling this beautiful island without a car or a tour guide can be challenging for any foreigners, but your trip filled with unique local experiences will be priceless. With the help of, make your very personal journey even more special.


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