Jeoji Art Village(Jeoji ArtistVille) and the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art(JMCA) are less known to islanders and tourists, as there are plenty of sightseeing places to visit other than this quiet Art Village. Another reason why people seldom visit the village might be because of the bad public transportation, since only the bus 962(operates only 10 times a day – from Hallim to Yongdang Village) can take you to this Art Village. Jeju ArtistVille was originally planned and constructed by the Jeju Local Government to gather artists at the village neglected by the locsals and outsiders due to bad location. Although the Jeoji Art Village is yet to become a famous tourist attraction, more than 20 units of gorgeous houses have been built until now and 34 renowned painters, calligraphers, craftsmen and photographers have moved in to the village and are performing creative activities here.

Close-up photo of the Geometrical Monument
Small Guidance Map next to the wall made out of rocks
Dol-Harubang Sculpture and well-wishing tiny pagoda-like piles of rocks made by the visitors

To get here, I rented a car instead of taking a bus. In Korea, Car-Sharing Service(SOCAR) has been booming in recent days, and I could rent a car for a couple of hours to get here. With the high discount rate on weekdays, Car rental didn’t cost much. Unfortunately, car rental service is only provided to the people with drivers’ license in Korea.

Dirt path to the ArtistVille
Empty triangular pyramids standing next to each other
Incomprehensible sculpture…art is complicated
Small stone sculptures which look like a bunch of people

After just 3 minutes’ walk, I soon arrived at the Main Building of the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art. Entrance fee was only $1, so I entered the museum without any hesitation. Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art and the Jeju Museum of Art are the only museums managed wholly by the local government.

Road to the Art Village
Entrance to the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art
Korean paintings inside the museum
Traditional Korean painting inside the museum, 1st floor
Close-up view of the traditional paintings on the wall
Dol-Harubang Sculptures outside the window
Corridor to the 2nd Exhibition Hall
Paintings on the 1st floor of the 2nd Exhibition Hall
Korean-style painting of the flowers and grass
Another interesting sculpture could be seen outside the museum
Stairs to the 2nd floor
Painting of Mt. Baekdu
Painting of Mt. Halla

After taking a look at the paintings inside the museum, I decided to take a walk outside to see the sculptures and the houses of the artists.

Stairs to the outside
Outside the museum
Lawn just outside the museum
Coffee shop and the souvenir store near the museum
Surreal sculptures outside the museum
Horse without a head
House of the artist, big and roomy
Song of a Callgrapher, The Truth of Black and White written by the Calligrapher Donggang Cho Soo Ho

“You are my love and the face of mine, I lived with you for a very long time and your soul stays inside my heart. My every hope depends on you, and I miss you no matter what state I am in, and I write everything in my life on you. I live life only once and cannot be born again, therefore I write everything about truth of black and white and the life that is worth before the last day of my life. In the distant future you will remember me and will become a beacon of my hope and reveal the truth and wonders, the scent and the life of black and white to the world.”

Bunch of cute owls staring at visitors

I only took photos of the sculptures I liked, so tourists who visit the artists’ village can expect much more kinds of sculptures to see.

Guideposts showing ways to the artists’ houses
Sculpture I saw inside the museum-the title could be ‘Rhombus Incomplete’
Entrance to the house of an artist
Sculptures which look like people near the entrance to the artists’ village

Jeoji Art Village or Jeoji ArtistVille-is yet to be famous. Unlike Heyri Art Village in Paju near Seoul, Jeoji Art Village still retains serenity and calmness. Tourists, especially backpackers, might not have the time to visit the village due to their short stay or lack of proper public transportation. But if you love the art and want to see how the artists live, Jeoji ArtistVille would not disappoint you despite all the difficulties. Hope you can visit the village before the place becomes crowded with tourists!

Written by Allaboutjeju aims to provide information for the people traveling to Jeju Island of Korea, especially backpackers. Traveling this beautiful island without a car or a tour guide can be challenging for any foreigners, but your trip filled with unique local experiences will be priceless. With the help of, make your very personal journey even more special.

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