Pyoseon Beach close to the Sung-Eup Folk Ville, has many attractive features which differentiates itself from other beaches. Despite its charm, Pyoseon Beach is often neglected by the foreigners as the beach is relatively faraway from the Jeju and Seogwipo city. However, 1-meter deep water and fine, soft shell-powder sand still distinguish the beach from typical beaches such as Hamdeok and Kimnyeong. Surrounded by a thick pine forest, the beach provides campsite for young travelers as well. Another charm of this beach is many nearby famous tourist attractions, including Seungeup Folk Ville, Jeju Folk Village and Seopjikoji.

Pyoseon Beach Entrance
Pyoseon Beach seen from the road
Pyoseon Beach near the road before the locals come and exercise
Locals exercising with the machines
Pyoseon Beach near the road. To find other crowds, one has to walk a bit more.
Pyoseon Beach seen from the forest side
On the path to the beach suitable for swimming
Photo taken just before arriving at the main site of the beach
Tourists and locals having fun at the beach near the Haenyeo(Women Diver) Sculpture
Haenyeo(Women Diver) Sculpture at the Pyoseon Beach
Guesthouses and restaurants along the coastline
Only five Europeans could be seen
Brad Cafe Truck managed by a young Seoulite-turned-Jejulian. He had to move from places to places due to the claims of the local merchants

After having some friendly talk with the manager of the coffee truck, I moved to see the lighthouse which gained fame thanks to the Korean Drama ‘IRIS.’ In the last episode of the drama IRIS, main actress Kim Tae Hee waited for the Lee Byeong Hun, who was deceased just before meeting her again. Although the site seemed fabulous in the drama, actual lighthouse was somewhat disappointing due to its small size. But one could think about visiting the site if he or she went to the beach, as the lighthouse is very close to the beach.

Hotel Annex of the Haevichi Resort
Narrow path leading to the lighthouse
That famous Kim-Tae-Hee lighthouse
Left view of the ocean from the ground near the KTH lighthouse
Right view of the ocean from the lighthouse
Close-up photo of the lighthouse
Restaurant that sells black pork meat titled, ‘Heuk-Doe-Ji-Sam-Hyung-Je’
Coffee shop near Pyoseon Haevichi Beach
Pyoseon Beach Campsite
Campers inside the campsite
Pyoseonville near the bus stop. Reminded me of the 1970s
That 70s’ style hair shop still being operated by the local

Overall, Pyoseon Beach was a more friendlier beach than Hamdeok and Kimnyeong, and could be matched to Gwakji. When I went to the Hamdeok again in the peak season last week, the beach was spoiled by the touts trying to lend parasol for $20. People were forced to borrow the parasol and had to pay $3 to enter the shower stall and wash off the seawater. If you’re looking for a beach that is less crowded and serene but still fascinating, Pyoseon beach will be your choice of next destination.

Written by Allaboutjeju aims to provide information for the people traveling to Jeju Island of Korea, especially backpackers. Traveling this beautiful island without a car or a tour guide can be challenging for any foreigners, but your trip filled with unique local experiences will be priceless. With the help of, make your very personal journey even more special.

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