Sanbangsan is one of a few mountains you could find on the Island of Jeju. The volcanic island of Jeju is mostly known only for the Halla Mountain, but there are numerous oreums(hills) and a few low mountains(sans) which are worth climbing or visiting, and Sanbangsan is definitely one of them. With height of 345m, Sanbangsan boasts of beautiful surrounding scenery and many tourist attractions nearby. I went to Sanbangsan on a Jeju bus 750, and had to get off at many stops just to take photos. Photos below are only several of them.

Sanbangsan seen from the road
Sanbangsan seen from the road near temple

Sanbangsan Area became famous not just only for the mountain itself, but for the surrounding sightseeing places also. These tourist attractions include Sanbangsan 4-wheel All-Train-Vehicle(ATV) Experience, Carbonated Hot Springs, Sanbangsan Cruise, Hwasun Yacht and Kayak and more nearby attractions.

Sanbangsan Bomun Temple
Bomun temple right under the Sanbangsan

Sanbangsan Bomun Temple is famous for its view and the proximity to Sanbangsan; Below is the photo taken from the ancient beacon fire station. In the past, beacon fire stations had to be made out of rocks, and had to be placed up on the hill to send signal fire to other beacon stations in case of emergency or the enemy attacks.

Sanbangsan Beacon Fire Station.
Sanbangsan Beacon Fire Station. Photo Courtesy of Wangmaguri(왕마구리) Blogger
Yongmeori Beach seen from the ancient Sanbang Beacon Fire Station
Sagye-ri Village and Yongmeori Beach Area. Hamel Memorial Playground with the Moving Pirate Ship
SulkeumBadang and the Sagye-ri

Sanbada ATV Experience is very close by, so people can ride ATV for $40 for 30minutes. Anybody interested can search for ‘산바다ATV’ and come visit the place.

Sanbada ATV Experience Center
Photo Courtesy of Jeju Sanbada ATV Experience Center

And at night, there’s a hot spring you could visit when you are tired. With the hot spring and the place to spend the night or have fun (zzimzilbang-찜질방), you could relax here after the journey. Purity of water is best in the morning, so if you stay in the Sanbangsan Guesthouse next to hot spring, you could visit the hot spring in the morning with the free entrance ticket you got from the guesthouse.

Sanbangsan Carbonated Hot Springs. Entrance Fees cost between $12~$16
Outdoor Spa
Outdoor Spa seen from the building. Photo Courtesy of JejuTourMaker

Once again, I recommend the Sanbangsan area not just because of the mountain itself. Other than Halla Mountain, Sanbangsan is a place you could visit without moving to places to places too much. Also, Jungmun Tourism Complex and Seogwipo city could be reached in 30 minutes by bus. Come visit Sanbangsan and you won’t regret it.

P.S. To get to the Sanbangsan Area and Hot Springs, refer to the following Jeju Bus 750 timetable. Take the Jeju bus 750 which stops at Hwasun Beach.

Departure Time via Arrive at Moseulpo
6:00 Sinpyung, Bosung 7:00
6:15 Hwasun Beach 7:25
6:35 Seo-Gwang, Duk-soo 7:35
6:45 Sinpyung, Bosung 7:45
6:55 Hwasun Beach 8:05
7:05 Bo-sung 8:00
7:15 Sinpyung, Bosung 8:15
7:25 Hwasun Beach 8:35
7:35 Seo-Gwang, Duk-soo 8:35
7:45 Sinpyung, Bosung 8:45
8:05 Hwasun Beach 9:15
8:25 Shin-Pyeong, Nong-Gong 9:35
8:45 Hwasun Beach 9:55
9:05 Seo-Gwang, Duk-soo 10:05
9:25 Hwasun Beach 10:35
9:45 Sinpyung, Bosung 10:45
10:05 Hwasun Beach 11:15
10:25 Sinpyung, Bosung 11:25
10:45 Hwasun Beach 11:55
11:05 Sinpyung, Bosung 12:05
11:25 Hwasun Beach 12:35
11:45 Sinpyung, Bosung 12:45
12:05 Hwasun Beach 13:15
12:25 Sinpyung, Bosung 13:25
12:45 Hwasun Beach 13:55
13:05 Seo-Gwang, Duk-soo 14:05
13:25 Hwasun Beach 14:35
13:45 Sinpyung, Bosung 14:45
14:05 Hwasun Beach 15:15
14:25 Sinpyung, Bosung 15:25
14:45 Hwasun Beach 15:55
15:05 Sinpyung, Bosung 16:05
15:25 Hwasun Beach 16:35
15:45 Sinpyung, Bosung 16:45
16:05 Hwasun Beach 17:15
16:25 Sinpyung, Bosung 17:25
16:45 Hwasun Beach 17:55
17:05 Seo-Gwang, Duk-soo 18:05
17:25 Hwasun Beach 18:35
17:45 Shin-Pyeong, Nong-Gong 18:55
18:05 Hwasun Beach 19:15
18:25 Sinpyung, Bosung 19:25
18:45 Hwasun Beach 19:55
19:05 Seo-Gwang, Duk-soo 20:05
19:25 Hwasun Beach 20:35
19:45 Sinpyung, Bosung 20:45
20:05 Hwasun Beach 21:15
20:25 Sinpyung, Bosung 21:25
20:45 Hwasun Beach 21:55
21:05 Sinpyung, Bosung 22:05
21:25 Hwasun Beach 22:35

Written by Allaboutjeju aims to provide information for the people traveling to Jeju Island of Korea, especially backpackers. Traveling this beautiful island without a car or a tour guide can be challenging for any foreigners, but your trip filled with unique local experiences will be priceless. With the help of, make your very personal journey even more special.


  1. Hi, i understand that bus 700 (west belt) and 750 goes to Sanbangsan. However, looking at the bus route map, it seems like at certain stops 700 route split into 2. And 750 split into many branches towards the end. May i ask if the bus actually will do detour and pass by all the stops or will the bus at certain timing split off to certain part of the split route?

    Thank you!


    1. Hello Lynn. Very good question indeed :). I understand that getting to Hwasoon beach or Sanbangsan by bus is kinda tricky, so I updated the post with the detailed 750 bus time schedule. Hope this would help you out. Have a great time in Jeju and feel free to ask more.
      Thank you!


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