osulloc location
Location of Osulloc on a google maps

Asians, especially Chinese, love the tea as the green tea has long been cherished as a secret of keeping good health. Ever since AmorePacific Inc. planted tea trees in Seogwang-ri in 1950s after the Korean War, tea leaves in Jeju have been harvested and produced here in Jeju Island. Since most of the reviews in the internet focused only on the O’sulloc Tea Museum itself, I decided to see the tea farm thoroughly rather than the tea museum. Sunday was a time for a bustling crowds, and Chinese tourists were waiting in long line inside the museum just to buy the green tea ice cream and stuffs the museum sold. I quickly looked around and came out.

Entrance of the Museum. I had to wait quite a long time to take a good pic without putting too many people in the photo
Scenery of Osulloc Tea Farm seen from the top of the museum. Huge building on the right is newly built Jeju Aeronautics Museum(JAM).
tea farms seen from the museum

I took a walk around quickly to avoid putting too many people in the photo. There were few things you could do in the museum, such as having an ice cream inside the cafe, making the soap, watching the displayed objects inside the museum and purchasing souvenirs. As the museum was too crowded, I couldn’t take the photos I wanted. I decided to move to the farm.

Narrow path heading to the Innisfree Cosmetics building
Tourists sat down and relaxed on the grass

After spending some time around the museum, I headed to the farm where no one could be seen. After all, It was the farm which mattered,  and the sight of the tea leaf farm was splendid indeed.

Tea farm faraway from where tourists visited
Workers of the tea farm, mostly women in their 50s
Workers headed to the truck which came inside the farm
Tea farm and the and the resort
Tea farm and Buk-Oreum(Northern Hill)
The size of the tea farm was bigger than I expected
Tea farm and the forest
photo taken from the center of the tea farm
Harvester was preparing to harvest tea leaves

After wandering around the farm for quite a while, I headed to the ‘별난카페(byul-nan-cafe), which was bulit and managed by a village CO-OP. As I heard from my friend that the blueberry Bing-Soo tasted awesome with lots of blueberries, I decided to have it and my lips turned blue after having this tasty Bing-Soo. IMG_1415

Seogwang-ri village CO-OP coffee shop which opened in 2013. Titled 별난카페(Byul-nan-cafe)

Inside the coffee shop. Blueberry Bing-Soo was delicious with lots of blueberries

Overall, visiting O’sulloc Green Tea Farm was a good choice.  After having a blueberry bing-soo, I headed to Sanbangsan which was quite close to O’sulloc.

Written by Allaboutjeju

AllaboutJeju.com aims to provide information for the people traveling to Jeju Island of Korea, especially backpackers. Traveling this beautiful island without a car or a tour guide can be challenging for any foreigners, but your trip filled with unique local experiences will be priceless. With the help of AllaboutJeju.com, make your very personal journey even more special.

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