During the rainy season in Jeju Island, best thing you can do is to spend time in a cafe and see the rain outside while drinking a cup of coffee. That is exactly what I did today in Woljeong beach. Despite its picturesque scenery and beautiful white sand, Woljeong beach was mostly unknown to the tourists due to its small size and location. What made this beach famous in 2013 was a house-turned-small cafe with the big window. Thanks to its fame, people from elsewhere who wanted more relaxed and soothing life came one by one and bought/built the houses alongside the Woljeong beach and turned them into cafes. Although Woljeong beach has lost its charm as a quiet beach, beautiful sceneries and stylish cafes still attract the tourists from Seoul. And if you visit Woljeong beach on a rainy day, you can avoid bustling with crowds and enjoy watching the view outside. And that is exactly what I did today.

Entrance of the Woljeong-ri
Entrance of the Woljeong-ri seen from the bus stop
Woljeong Station Cafe near Woljeong Community Center

When you arrive at the Woljeong beach, first thing you should do is to look at the beach, feel the sand and soak your feet in the crystal-clear water.
IMG_0779IMG_0771IMG_0839After spending some time in a beach, you should choose the cafe you wanna go into. Currently, there are more than 8 coffee shops along the coast and more cafes were being built.

Cafe ‘월정리lowa’ in a small container-like house
Cafe ‘고래가될(Will be a whale)’ is the ‘original’ coffee shop. Built in 2012, it gained its fame for its view outside
From the left, Cafe 모래비(Moraebi), 하이앤바이(Hi&bye), 봉쉡망고(Bon Chef Mango) could be seen.
Newly built cafes alongside the shore next to the ‘Will be a whale’ cafe

I decided to see the most original one, so I went into the ‘Will be a whale’ cafe. Staff were friendly and young, taste of the Jeju-style traditional shake was also delicious. But the thing I liked most about this cafe was, of course, its view.

View from the 'Will be a whale' cafe garden
View from the ‘Will be a whale’ cafe garden

After spending some time in a cafe with friendly staff, I went outside again to take more photos of the beach.

View of Woljeong Cafe Street and Beach from the seawall
View of Woljeong Cafe Street and Beach from the seawall



Whale pictures remind people of 'WIll be a whale' cafe.
Whale pictures remind people of ‘WIll be a whale’ cafe.

Overall, Woljeong beach was a nice place for tourists to visit, thanks to the stylish coffee shops and picturesque beach. I personally recommend those who see this post to visit the place on a rainy day. Otherwise, coffee shops and parking lot will be crowded with tourists from the mainland. Due to this fact, I had to visit more quiet beach. Sehwa beach not too faraway from this beach was less crowded and more serene. I will come back with more reviews of beaches in Jeju!

Written by Allaboutjeju

AllaboutJeju.com aims to provide information for the people traveling to Jeju Island of Korea, especially backpackers. Traveling this beautiful island without a car or a tour guide can be challenging for any foreigners, but your trip filled with unique local experiences will be priceless. With the help of AllaboutJeju.com, make your very personal journey even more special.


    1. Hi San, you should just take bus 700 east coast from the bus terminal, get off at Woljeongri(월정리) bus stop and have to walk for 10min. Woljeongri stop is right next to Manjanggul stop, so you would have no trouble getting off at the right stop. Hope you enjoy your stay in Jeju 🙂


  1. Hi, thanks for your swift reply 🙂 How long is the bus journey takes ? It’s my second time visiting Jeju & I really love this island a lot 😉


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