Airport is where most people arrive and depart. Assuming that, your very own journey begins from here!  This post is for people who want more unique local experience in Jeju without rent-a-car, hotels, tourist buses (& specific plans).

073After leaving baggage claim area, this is where you come out. If you’re all by yourself and left for Jeju without any specific plans, you might wanna get a cup of coffee from

100the nearest coffee shop titled ‘caffe bene,’ one of the most famous franchise coffee shop in Korea. But if you’re not too exhausted, you can take the escalator to

074 upstairs and go to the 4th floor of the airport. On your way up, you will see a sign which would look like the one below

075but 4th floor is not only about restaurants. You’ll find the coffee shop titled ‘DROP TOP’ at the leftside of the airport.

083Cafe Droptop seen from outside

082so now you can plan your journey while having a cup of coffee, and search for a place to stay. The taste of coffee wasn’t bad.

078next to the coffee shop, you’ll find the Haeoreum Korean Traditional Food Restaurant

079 which sells reasonably(may be a bit expensive) priced foods. (1000=$1)

076Of course, there are some cheaper options. You can go to McD of Korea, Lotteria or can go into the food court right next to the the fast-food chain! I’m sure that you’d find all these above-mentioned places on the 4th floor of the Jeju Int’l Airport with ease.

After having some thoughts, you may have decided to take a taxi or a bus.Now it’s time to choose where to stay. I recommend the Forest hostel or Greenday guesthouse. As you know, guesthouses are what backpacking journeys are for! Of course, you can choose where to stay by searching It’s your choice to make!

When you’re ready to go and wish to take a cab, go downstairs.

085And more…to the 1st floor

102When you get out of gate-1, you’ll see a cross walk.

103Assuming that you decided to stay in Jeju city, cross the road and take a cab headed to ‘Jeju city’. Cross the road only once. If you cross the road twice, you can take a cab to Seogwipo city.

If you’re only with a backpack(not baggages), congrats! now you can take a bus and start your journey with locals(maybe with curious eyes looking at you). Outside the gate-1, you’ll see other people who are also waiting for the buses

104like this. Take a step closer and you’ll see a sign written in Korean.

106It says ‘Buses headed for Gu(old) Jeju city part will stop near this column, and buses headed for Shin(New)Jeju city part will stop at the next column’. Most of the affordable guesthouses are placed at the east side of Jeju city(Gu-jeju), so it is likely that you will wait for your bus here.

107Even with the map you got from the information center inside the airport, finding where to get off will be difficult, because they only wrote down major bus stops here. If you install ‘Daum Maps’ App and can read some Korean, you’ll find out where to get off more easily.

105So backpackers, your journey starts from here(구제주방면정류소Gu-jeju-bang-myeon-jung-ryu-so). Learning Hangeul letters beforehand will help you a lot during your whole travel in Korea. Wish you all the best for your trip!

Written by Allaboutjeju aims to provide information for the people traveling to Jeju Island of Korea, especially backpackers. Traveling this beautiful island without a car or a tour guide can be challenging for any foreigners, but your trip filled with unique local experiences will be priceless. With the help of, make your very personal journey even more special.


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